Gaïd Ombre Art
Welcome to the website of artist Gaïd Ombre.

Gaïd Ombre is a well known artist from Amsterdam. She is known for her paintings, etchings and sculptures. In January 2016 she had an exposition called ‘Dutch Nudes’. For this exposition she painted 14 famous Dutch woman. There was a book published of 500 copy’s. Frieda Mulisch and Ronald Giphart contributed to the book with text. The opening of the exposition was done by the famous feminist Hedy d’Ancona.

On this site you can see her work and buy here etchings. Gaïd loves to make commissioned art. Portraits, people and nudes are here favourites.

She is one of the artist of Salon West.
Salon West will open the gallery doors in March 2017. Salon West will represent 5 artists.
A committee is in the process of recruiting 3 artists. In addition to Gaïd Ombre, Mark Louisse is the second artist who will be part of Salon West.